2023 MBKA Honey Show

2 – 3 September 2023
Venue: Elm Court Garden Centre Gillingham ME7 3JQ

Our annual Honey Show is usually held the first week of September. This offers our members a chance to show and display not just honey, but also hive products such as wax, candles and of course mead. If you’ve never entered a show before don’t let that put you off. It’s an opportunity to show off your beekeeping achivements (or that of your bees!) you can find tips and tricks to showing online or ask the show secretary or other members. 2023 show results are below with our Cup and Award winners are at the bottom of the page!

2023 Results

ClassDescriptionFirstSecondThirdFourthFifthNumber of Entries
12 jars of extracted honey - lightArchie McLellanMark Ballard2
22 jars of extracted honey - mediumSonia BelseyJohn ChapmanArchie McLellanMelvyn Belsey5
32 jars of extracted honey - darkMark Ballard1
42 jars of granulated or soft set honeyArchie McLellan3
52 jars of chunk honeyArchie McLellanMark Ballard2
6Composite; honey, wax and frameMark BallardArchie McLellan2
71 shallow frame for extractionMark BallardArchie McLellanSonia Belsey3
82 sectionsMark Ballard1
92 containers of cut combArchie McLellanMark Ballard2
10Novices - 2 jars honey clear or granulatedJane Lumley-HuntKaron Thomas-West2
11Gift - 1 jar extracted honeySonia BelseyJohn ChapmanMark Ballard3
12Gift - 1 jar granulated or soft set honeyMark BallardJohn Chapman2
13Commercial - 3 identical containersJohn ChapmanArchie McLellanMark Ballard4
14A cake of beeswaxArchie McLellanMark Ballard3
15Candles - 2 plainArchie McLellanJohn ChapmanMark Ballard3
16A moulded beeswax objectArchie McLellanMark BallardSimon MarshallSonia BelseyJohn Chapman7
17Sweet MeadJohn ChapmanSonia BelseyArchie McLellan3
18Dry MeadArchie McLellanJohn ChapmanSimon Marshall5
19Honey cake to this years recipeSue ChapmanSonia BelseyKaron Thomas-WestMelvyn BelseyMark Ballard6
20Honey biscuits or cookiesMark BallardSonia Belsey2
21Colour photo about bees or beekeepingSonia BelseySue ChapmanMark Ballard12
22Craft relating to bees or beekeepingSonia BelseyEsther McLellanArchie McLellan3
Total Entries76

2023 Cup and Award Winners

The Neves Silver Memorial Cup (highest aggregate number of points)Mark Ballard
The Chairman’s Silver Challenge Cup (best frame in class 7)Mark Ballard
The Bryden Memorial Cup (best composite entry in class 6)Mark Ballard
The Gowar Memorial Cup (best Mead)John Chapman
The Blaxland Silver Salver (best sections in class 8)Mark Ballard
The Rose Bowl (best cake)Sue Chapman
The Novice Cup (best exhibit in the novice classes)Jane Lumley-Hunt
The Holland Bowl (best honey in class 13 – commercial)John Chapman
The Chapman Cup (best photograph)Sonia Belsey
The Clueit Cup (best honey in show)Sonia Belsey
The Wax Cup (best wax in class 14)Archie McLellan
The Dennis Harvey Memorial Award (best entry in the Novice class
and takes the form of a beekeeping book of the winner’s choice)
Jane Lumley-Hunt