MBKA Committee (2019-20)

Richard BlaxlandPresident (elected for three years)
Richard AndrewsHonourary Vice President (elected for life)
Ken BeevorHonourary Vice President (elected for life)
Richard BlaxlandHonourary Vice President (elected for life)
Margaret PatchingHonourary Vice President (elected for life)
John ChapmanChairman
Sheila StunellSecretary
John HendrieTreasurer and Membership Secretary
Paul LawrenceWebsite Manager, Newsletter Editor
Elaine LaightApiary Co-ordinator
Mark BallardApiary Manager
Bob SmithEducation Officer
Anthony Edwards
Sonia Belsey


We currently have a vacancy for a Meetings Secretary.

Please contact John Chapman on 01634 400570 or email him at john.chapman@medwaybeekeepers.co.uk if you would be interested in applying for this role.