A key responsibility of any beekeeping association is to offer all members guidance and support in learning about honey bees and the ways in which we manage them safely. This may be achieved in various ways, through classroom sessions on the theory and practice of bees and beekeeping and by practical demonstrations and guidance with live bees in our association apiary. We run yearly introduction courses as well as ongoing improver and further training throughout the year. 

With bees there is always more to learn and we support the BBKA examinations, we have many members who have taken their assessments and can share their knowlege with others. 

Introduction to Beekeeping Course 2024

Medway Beekeepers run an Introduction to Beekeeping course at our association apiary near Cliffe Woods. This course is intended for novices and consists of both theory and practical sessions. Should you wish to join us for our 2024 course more information can be found here or email our Secretary- Sheila at


BBKA Basic Assessment

The BBKA Basic Assessment is a measure of your achievement in basic beekeeping skills and knowledge of the craft. It can be a springboard to launch you into a better understanding of beekeeping and is required before taking any other of the BBKA exams and assessments. MBKA will support its members to achieve this standard.

The BBKA Basic syllabus and further information can be found here. To undertake the assessment, you need to have managed at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months. A credit will be awarded if the total mark is 75% or greater. The assessement consists of 4 parts:

1. Practical assessment of your ability to handle bees and beekeeping equipment

2. Oral questioning on your general knowledge of Beekeeping

3. Oral questioning on Swarming and Swarm Control

4. Oral questioning on Diseases and Pests

The assessment takes about an hour and is usually held at our association apiary, there is no written part and the pass rate is very high.

There is also a Junior Assessment for our younger members.

For any more information regarding any assessments, including the Basic, please contact Exam Secretary Sonia at


British Beekeeping Association Exams

The BBKA administers a suite of examinations and assessments details of which can be found on the BBKA website.

These include written modules and practicals. The BBKA training qualification and assessment framework can lead to indivduals being awarded as Master Beekeepers as well as Beekeeping Microscopist and Show Judge. Most information can be found on the BBKA website but should you need any more information or want to discuss any exams please feel free to contact Sonia, our Exam Secretary, at

Apiary Site

The Association benefits from a club apiary stocked with several colonies; these are used in training and more generally for occasional Open Days. A team of experienced beekeepers examines the apiary colonies regularly and newer beekeepers are encouraged to attend and help. An Apiary Manager oversees this work and the Apiary Co-ordinator manages the inspection rota. For opening times and dates please click the button below.

Summer/Winter Meetings

The summer meetings also include visits to the apiaries of our members these are also open to visitors, beekeepers or just those who are interested or considering keeping bees. Guests, members and visitors alike can borrow a bee suit (a limited number are available on a first come basis) , watch and participate as hives are manipulated and inspected. During the winter we arrange a series of talks and presentations on topics which are relevant to the keeping of healthy productive bee colonies. Click the button below to see the upcoming events.