MBKA holds regular meetings throughout the summer, using apiaries belonging to members. In the winter we move indoors with meetings, lectures, educational and social events. These provide great opportunities to share beekeeping problems, keep informed about the latest threats, compare notes and simply enjoy the company of others with an interest in beekeeping.

Our annual attendance at the Kent County Show, local ploughing matches and various other local outdoor events mean the Association is as busy during the summer as our bees!.


Winter Meetings & Events

We have organised a series of Zoom presentations:

Watch the space below to see how to apply to take part in these presentations if you are not a Member of MBKA.

Monday 14 December 2020

Nicola Bradbear  

The work and philosophy of Bees for Development – values for a sustainable future.



Wednesday 27 January 2021

Wally Shaw  

Simple methods of making increase – making one hive into two and making a small number of nucs (up to 4) from a colony.

8.00pm Monday 8 February 2021

David Evans

A gentle introduction to queen rearing. Covers the importance of the quality of the larvae and drones, the practicalities of grafting larvae (much easier than most people realise), cell raising, and getting queens mated from nucleus colonies.



8.00pm Wednesday 24 February 2021

Stephen Martin    

The evolution of natural Varroa-tolerance mechanisms in various beekeeping populations




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