Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet 1Pre-Winter ChecksDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 2Varroa Treatment optionsDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 3The SmokerDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 4Hive ToolsDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 6Varroa Treatment - Queen TrapDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 7Changing Brood CombsDownload PDF
Fact Sheet 8Hive TypesDownload PDF
The Honey BeeEssential anatomy for beekeepersDownload PDF

This series of MBKA fact sheets are intended to accompany practical sessions and demonstrations at members’ apiaries during the season.

Of course, there is no “right way” to keep bees and most objectives can be achieved in several different ways.

The advice presented in these notes is therefore selective, representing the method or methods used commonly and generally accepted as “best practice”.

They should be regarded as guidance notes. It is expected that revisions will be frequent in the early phase of their production!