MBKA Events for 2019

A Past Event

The English Festival:
Saturday 21st April 2018

Our thanks go to the members who helped set up and run our stall at the very successful English Festival held at the Riverside Country Park. The weather was very kind to us. A lovely sunny day, we had no problems rolling wax candles this year. The footfall was well up on last year as the sun really brought people out.

The festival opened at 11am and closed at 5.30pm, a long but very enjoyable day. Honey and wax sales were slow to start but picked up to a steady flow by midday. At the end of the day there were very few jars to pack away.

Candle rolling was the usual steady stream and lasted all day. Such was the demand that we actually ran out of pre-waxed wick and had to call it a day at around 4pm. Candle rolling took just over £190, well up on last year.

We also gathered the names of quite a few interested people for next year’s Introductory Course  and answered a large number of the usual questions about bees, beekeeping and our Association. People were genuinely interested in the plight of the bees, particularly  following the weather events of the past month or so. In all a great day for us and the bees!

Our thanks go to Medway Council and their staff for all of their efforts on this one-day event.


Upcoming Events

Please note that due to Government instructions concerning Covid-19 control measures, we have had to cancel all events and meeting for 2020. Please check carefully for any updates to this situation:

However, we have organised a series of Zoom presentations:

Watch the space below to see how to apply to take part in these presentations if you are not a Member of MBKA.

January 2021

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Wally Shaw 

Simple methods of making increase – making one hive into two and making a small number of nucs (up to 4) from a colony.

February 2021

8.00pm Monday 8 February 2021

David Evans

A gentle introduction to queen rearing. Covers the importance of the quality of the larvae and drones, the practicalities of grafting larvae (much easier than most people realise), cell raising, and getting queens mated from nucleus colonies.

8.00pm Wednesday 24 February 2021

Stephen Martin    

The evolution of natural Varroa-tolerance mechanisms in various beekeeping populations

March 2021

8.00pm Monday 8 March 2021

Richard Rickitt
From Buckfast to Buckingham Palace’ – a pictorial beekeeping tour of Britain meeting beekeepers and visiting sites of historical beekeeping interest.