Apiary Inspections

The NBU has a team of Appointed Bee Inspectors (ABIs) based across England and Wales. The National Bee Inspector
(NBI) manages a field service of eight Regional Bee Inspectors (RBIs) who are responsible for managing their individual regions and a team of approximately seven Seasonal Bee Inspectors (SBIs).

The RBI co-ordinates apiary inspections and a training programme for the region under the management of the NBI and the Head of the National Bee Unit.

The NBI and RBIs are employed full time throughout the year; with SBIs employed during the beekeeping season.

Every Bee Inspector is an experienced practical beekeeper, with particular experience and training in the recognition and control of bee pests and diseases. Inspectors also provide comprehensive training and advice on apiary management and good husbandry practice. As well as apiary inspections, Bee Inspectors assist with various research projects and field trials.

Bee Inspectors for 2017:

Regional Bee Inspector:
Diane Steel

Seasonal Bee Inspector :
Kay Wreford

Kay has the whole of North Kent in her area, so she covers all of the MBKA area.

This makes it easier for us as we now have, only one seasonal inspector to cover our area.